GT Parking Meters

Soon all drivers looking to park in central Georgetown will have to pay to park. While this is a good venture in terms of revenue earning for the Town Council, do you think it is being approached in the simplest most efficient way?

Our Suggestions:

  1. Instead of procuring expensive parking meters and hiring staff to man said meters why not institute something similar to what the GRA now does for Road Licences. Drivers purchase a yearly permit and place same on the vehicle windshield. The “parking licences” can be issued for all 3 counties i.e Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice. It can also be done by cities, Georgetown, Linden, New Amsterdam etc. This way the cost of parking can be spread across the entire vehicular database and can therefore be an amount manageable by the average driver. Monies can also be easily calculated and distributed not only to the Georgetown Council but most Councils nationwide.

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